We are a cosmetics and skin care retailer that focuses on the best products on the market. Both Classics and Newbies will be found on the shelves of Nourish Beauty. With price ranges for every budget, and products for every need.

Natural, organic, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, cosmetics and skin care from around the world.


BareMinerals: I have always considered BareMinerals the Brand that launched a clean makeup Empire. Dating back to the 60's BareMinerals is mineral makeup at its best. Foundations to lipsticks, the feel of BareMinerals on the skin along with the coverage is absolute magic. 

Palladio: Botanical and Herbal infused cosmetics without the price tag. Bright colors, easy application and the best bang for your buck.

Zuii Organics: Coming in from Australia Zuii Organics is something different and rather special, complete floral makeup. From their loose powders that have flower pedals in the bottom to the vibrant colors they are a hit with many women. In addition to not being muted down with chemicals, you get full pigment which means less product is needed and product last longer, plus it smells amazing.

Living Nature: Hailing from New Zealand, Living Nature has been around for a while in Spa's across Europe and for good reason, their products are safe, effective and fairly priced. From cosmetics to skincare, from Acne to Rosacea, this product can heal. 

AuNatural: Oh the fun of France!! AuNatural is a fighter for the environment as well as for you in the cosmetics industry. They stand by natural ingredients that also are ethically sourced from nature. Roller Eye shadows, cream foundations, pump bottle powders, yummy lip-gloss, and colorful eyeliners.

Beauty By Earth: All about natural care; from skin to body. They have earthy packaging along with the fun of Organic Bath Bombs, skin care that works and products that just scream "Send the kids to their grandparents and have a spa day at home!"

Dr. Squatch: Lets face it most men are not as picky about the products they use. Many just use a bar of soap from head to toe. Neglecting what it is doing to their skin or the dandruff flakes it may be causing. My Husband was guilty of this. I turned him over to Dr. Squatch. Now he is actually mentioning (which means a lot) that he likes these products. In fact he insists on Dr. Squatch for all his grooming needs now. Natural soap for manly men, that also has the fun lather.

Sweat Cosmetics- For the woman on the go made by women on the go! For the athlete or those in the sweltering heat. A simple twist brush applicator for finely milled sweat proof, water proof, spf infused mineral powder foundation, translucent powder, bronzer and illuminator. Water proof for up to 80 minutes, no oils added and a little bit goes a long way, plus it fits easily in the purse without the mess.

Andalou Naturals- customized skin care solutions. My personal favorite, made from plant stem cells and complete natural, organic and cruelty free, plus they are a super product!!